Dry ablution [tayammum]

To perform tayammum instead of ghusl for fear of dying from using water

“I had a wet dream on a cold night during the Battle of Dhat As-Salasil. I felt that if I performed ghusl I might kill [myself], so I performed tayammum and led my companions in subh [fajr prayer]. They mentioned this to the Messenger of Allah [saws], so he said, ‘O Amr! You led your companions in prayer while you were sexually defiled?’ I informed him of the reason that I did not perform ghusl and said, ‘I heard Allah [swt], “And do not kill yourselves; verily Allah is Ever-Merciful to you.” So the Messenger of Allah [saws] laughed and did not say anything.”[7]

If still within time for the prayer, recommended to perform wudu’ and repeat the prayer

“Two people left on a journey. The time for prayer came, and they did not have any water. They performed tayammum with pure earth and prayed. They then found water within the time [for the prayer], so one of them repeated the prayer after performing wudu’ whereas the other did not. They then came to the Messenger of Allah [saws] and mentioned this to him. He said to the one who did not repeat [the prayer], ‘You have correctly performed the sunnah and your prayer is sufficient for you.’ And he said to the one who performed wudu’ and repeated [the prayer], ‘You get the reward twice.’”[8]

Can perform several prayers with tayammum

“Pure clean earth is a purifier for the Muslim; even if he did not find water for ten years. Then if he finds water, then let him use it on his skin. For, that is better.”[9]


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