The tooth-stick [siwak]

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Using siwak is recommended, not obligatory

Siwak is a means of purification for the mouth and is pleasing to the Lord.”[1]

“Were it not for the fact that I did not wish to cause hardship to the believers I would have commanded them to delay the ‘isha’ prayer and to use the siwak for every prayer.”[2]

“I have indeed urged you with regard to the siwak.”[3]

To use siwak before prayer

“Whenever the Messenger of Allah [saws] got up for prayer at night to pray the optional night prayer, he would clean his mouth with the tooth stick.”[4]

To use siwak after entering house

“I asked, ‘Aishah [ra], ‘With what did the Prophet [saws] start when he entered his house?’ She said, ‘With the siwak.’”[5]

To use siwak on the tongue

“I entered upon the Prophet [saws] while he was using the siwak upon the tip of his tongue and he was saying, ‘Eh, Eh’, making a gagging sound.”[6]

To clean the siwak after use

“The Prophet of Allah [saws] would clean his teeth with the siwak then he would give me the siwak in order to wash it. So I would first use it myself then wash it and return it to him.”[7]

To share the siwak, with the elder before the younger

“I dreamt that I was cleaning my teeth with a siwak and two persons came to me. One of them was older than the other, and I gave the siwak to the younger. I was told that I should give it to the older and so I did.”[8]

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