Is prison the best place for criminals?

Prisons, on the other hand, exercise mental torture through the denial of privacy and liberty. If the denial of privacy and liberty were not torture, why would prisoners continue riot to this day when they are accommodated rent-free and provided with food and water?

Capital punishment is indignified

It is also argued that prisons avoid the public spectacle of executions that were often attended by large crowds with the mutilated bodies being displayed until they rotted.

Capital punishments have a strong general deterrent effect precisely because they are public events. Therefore, the larger the crowd, the stronger the deterrent effect. A crime has been committed, and the criminal is seen to have been punished. Once the capital punishment has been executed the criminal has paid for their crime and therefore there is no reason why their bodies should continue to remain displayed until they rot. They should be accorded full funeral and burial rights.

Islamic viewpoint

In Islamic Law, crime and punishment are defined by Allah [swt].

Since Allah [swt] created all matter, energy, space and time from nothing, He is the First Cause and must, therefore, be All-Knowing, that is He must know everything about anything before He created it, because He created it from nothing.


Should not He Who has created know? And He is the Most Kind and Courteous, All-Aware.[1]

Since mankind forms part of His creation, Allah [swt] must know better than anyone what constitutes a crime and its punishment.

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