Is prison the best place for criminals?

Whoever brings a good deed [Islâmic Monotheism and deeds of obedience to Allâh (swt) and his Messenger (saws)] shall have ten times the like thereof to his credit, and whoever brings an evil deed [polytheism, disbelief, hypocrisy, and deeds of disobedience to Allâh (swt) and his Messenger (saws)] shall have only the Recompense of the like thereof, and they will not be wronged.[17]

If Allah [swt] rewards a good deed at least ten times more than He punishes an evil deed, can He not make adequate compensation to the innocent wrongfully executed?

If the wrongfully-executed innocent is then rewarded with Paradise, Allah [swt] will remove any lurking sense of injury from their hearts.

“Truly! The Muttaqûn [pious and righteous persons] will be amidst Gardens and water-springs [Paradise]. [It will be said to them]: ‘Enter therein [Paradise], in peace and security.’ And We shall remove from their breasts any sense of injury [that they may have], [so they will be like] brothers facing each other on thrones.”[18]

Although Islamic Law does not remove the high penalty of capital punishment from miscarriage of justice, it offers the promise by the All-Knowing of compensation for the wrong.

Therefore, the secular argument that capital punishment has too high a penalty from miscarriages of justice relies on the absence of a God Who can put it right.

Moreover, indeed, there are good arguments for the existence of the Islamic God, Allah [swt]:

Therefore capital punishment under Islamic Law can only be willingly accepted by a society whose members believe in Allah [swt], by a society of Muslims.

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