Can God be known?

As the steam rises through the perforated barrier in the spout of the kettle, some of its kinetic energy is converted into sound energy as the gaseous particles escape through the solid mesh and outside into the air through the small spout of the kettle. So the kettle whistles as the steam escapes.

This scientific explanation requires a set of pre-existing laws which include:

  • the law of conservation of energy which states that energy can only be transferred from one form or another;
  • particle theory which states that matter is composed of particles which have more or less kinetic energy.

and a set of initial conditions which include:

  • an electrical source;
  • the location of the heater coil at the bottom of the kettle to allow the circulation of heat by convection – hot water rises so there can be no convection current below the heater coils;
  • a roundish or squarish container of water to allow circulation of heat through the water most efficiently by convection;
  • the existence of water in a kettle;
  • a kettle with sufficient space to allow hot water molecules to escape intermolecular attraction from the other water particles below it.

Can there be a scientific explanation for a boiling kettle in the absence of an electrical source or the absence of the law of conversation of energy?

A personal explanation on the other hand requires only an agent with an independent will. In the case of a boiling electrical kettle, the personal explanation is that a person with an independent will placed water in an electrical kettle, plugged it into a socket and switched the kettle on.

Then tell Me [about] the semen that you emit. Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?[19]

So in a similar vein,

  • Who, but God, could have created the pre-existing singularity required for the “Big Bang Theory”?
  • Who, but God, could have created the pre-existing bacteria-like microorganisms required for the theory of evolution?
  • Who, but God, could have created the pre-existing singularity from which Higgs Boson “God particle” originated?

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