Voluntary fasting

“The news of my observing saum daily and offering salah every night throughout the night reached the Prophet [saws]. So he sent for me, or I met him and he said, ‘I have been informed that you observe saum every day and offer salah every night. Observe saum [for some days] and give it up [for some days] offer salah and sleep for your eyes have a right on you and your body and your family have a right on you.’ I replied, ‘I have more strength than that.’ The Prophet [saws] said, ‘Then observe saum like the saum of Dawud [as].’ I said, ‘How?’ He replied, ‘He used to observe saum on alternate days and he used not to flee on meeting the enemy.’ I said, ‘From where can I get the chance O Allah’s Prophet [saws]?’ So the Prophet [saws] said twice, ‘Whoever observes saum daily throughout his life is just as the one who does not observe saum at all.’”[92]

Prohibited to fast without breaking the fast [al-wisal]

“The Prophet [saws] said, ‘Do not practice al-wisal.’ The people said to the Prophet [saws], ‘But you practice al-wisal?’ The Prophet [saws] replied, ‘I am not like any of you for I am given food and drink [by Allah (swt)] during the night.’”[93]

“Allah’s Messenger [saws] forbade al-wisal. The people said, ‘But you practice it?’ He said, ‘I am not like you for I am given food and drink [by Allah (swt)].’”[94]

“The Prophet [saws] said twice, ‘Be cautious! Do not practice al-wisal.’ The people said to him, ‘But you practice al-wisal?’ The Prophet [saws] replied, ‘My Lord gives me food and drink during the night. Do that much of deeds that are within your ability.’”[95]

“Allah’s Messenger [saws] forbade al-wisal with mercy to them. They said to them, ‘But you practice al-wisal?’ He said, ‘I am not similar to you for my Lord gives me food and drink.’”[96]

“We were with the Messenger of Allah [saws] and we passed by a man. They said, ‘O Prophet of Allah this man has not broken his fast for such and such a time.’ He said, ‘He has neither fasted nor broken his fast.’”[97]

“It was said, ‘O Messenger of Allah [saws] so-and-so never broke his fast even for one day for the rest of his life.’ He said, ‘He has neither fasted nor broken his fast.’”[98]

“The Messenger of Allah [saws] was praying in Ramadan and I came and stood beside him and another man came and stood too until there was a group of us. When the Prophet [saws] realised that I was behind him, he made his prayer brief. Then he went to his abode and offered a prayer such as he did not pray with us. The next morning we said to him, ‘Did you notice us last night?’ He said, ‘Yes. That is what made me do what I did.’ The Messenger of Allah [saws] started to perform wisal at the end of the month and some of his Companions began performing wisal. The Prophet [saws] said, ‘What is the matter with men who perform wisal? You are not like me. By Allah [swt] if the month were to be lengthened for me I would fast continuously, and those who go to extremes would give up their extreme ways.’”[99]

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