God is All-Powerful

Surah Al-Hajj Chapter 22 Verse 74 Version 2

They have not estimated Allah [swt] His Rightful Estimate. Verily Allah [swt] is All-Strong, All-Mighty.[126]

Surah Al-Ahzab Chapter 33 Verse 25 Version 2

And Allah [swt] drove back those who disbelieved in their rage: they gained no advantage. Allah [swt] sufficed for the believers in the fighting. And Allah [swt] is Ever All-Strong, All-Mighty.[127]

Surah Ghafir Chapter 40 Verse 22

That was because there came to them their Messengers with clear evidences, but they disbelieved. So Allah [swt] seized them [with punishment]. Verily He is All-Strong, Severe in punishment.[128]

Surah Ash-Shura Chapter 42 Verse 19 Version 2

Allah [swt] is Very Gracious and Kind to His slaves. He gives provisions to whom He wills. And He is the All-Strong, the All-Mighty.[129]

Surah Al-Hadid Chapter 57 Verse 25 Version 2

Indeed We have sent Our Messengers with clear proofs and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance that mankind may keep up justice. And We brought forth iron wherein is mighty power as well as many benefits for mankind that Allah [swt] may test who it is that will help Him and His Messengers in the unseen. Verily Allah [swt] is All-Strong, All-Mighty.[130]

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